Balmoral's Drumming Program

Summer Drumming Program

Balmoral's Summer Drumming Classes offer you:

• Group and one-on-one sessions covering fundamentals of drumming technique on snare, tenor, and bass drum
• Personal instruction on simple-time and compound-time tunes, covering marches, strathspeys, reels, hornpipes and jigs
• Special emphasis on phrasing and playing with rhythm
• Massed band sessions coordinating pipers and drummers, including the fundamentals of tuning the drums to the pipes and playing in unison
• Tenor drum rhythm & flourishing
• Principals of quality bass drumming
• The instructor will personally review each student's progress, and give him/her instruction on how to improve drumming accompaniment to his/her band tunes
• Instructor will, upon request, review and/or modify drum scores for particular tunes or medleys

Gordon Bell and Students

Balmoral School of Piping and Drumming's Instructors' Concert, Pittsburgh summer school session, July, 2015. Gordon Bell and students performing a Drum Fanfare at the Hillman Center for the Performing Arts at Shadyside Academy.

One of the highlights of Balmoral's piping and drumming summer schools, the Instructor's Concert is free to the public.

"Mr Bell, I have learned more from your drumming videos than anywhere else, including Scotland, where I lived for 35 years. Your teaching is amazing and easy to grasp. I like the fact you break up the tune like the 3/4 4/4 right down and slow it so students can pick it up. Many thanks!"
Ian MacDonald Law
Brisbane, formally Scotland

Drumming Instructor Gordon Bell gives his student at the 2015 Balmoral School Pittsburgh Session a congratulatory fist bump for mastering her lesson.