Piping and Drumming competitors at the Balmoral Classic.

FREE to the Public!
Saturday, Nov. 18, 9:00am-5:00pm
Central Catholic High School, 4720 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

Balmoral Classic US Junior Solo Championships

The Balmoral Classic championship is the only solo bagpiping and Scottish snare drumming competition in the US exclusively for those age 21 and under.   Entrants are required to apply and meet strict standards based upon amateur upper grade competitive successes.

The competitions are part of the Balmoral Classic, a US celebration of Highland bagpiping and drumming held annually in Pittsburgh.

Bagpiping entrants compete in two styles: Pìobaireachd, the classical music of Highland bagpiping, and MSR (march, strathspey, and reel), the traditional bagpipe competition medley. Drumming entrants compete in two styles: Hornpipe & Jig and MSR. The Overall is a combination of scores from Pìobaireachd and MSR for piping, and Hornpipe & Jig and MSR for drumming.  Previous 1st place winners of the US Junior Solo Championships are not eligible to compete.

The competitors are awarded points for tempo, tone, rhythm, execution and expression by piping and drumming adjudicators, senior champions themselves. 

Apply for the Balmoral Classic 2017 US Junior Bagpiping Championships by Monday, Oct. 16!

Apply for the Balmoral Classic 2017 US Junior Drumming Championships by Monday, Oct. 16!

Apply for the Classic's first ever Novice Junior Drumming Competition by Monday, Oct. 16!

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In an effort to attract more young drummers to the pipe band world,
the Balmoral Classic announces a competition for Novice Drummers,
as part of the 11th Annual Balmoral Classic, Nov. 18. 2017.