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Balmoral Pipes and Drums of Pittsburgh, PA

Balmoral Pipes and Drums band practices are Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm and are held at Hope Lutheran Church, 353 Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221.

Code of Ethics

  • The Highland Bagpipe is an instrument that represents a proud and noble tradition and should always be treated with respect and care in its handling, presentation, and performance.
  • Good tone and execution of traditional bagpipe and drum music is the goal of the band.  Attaining this with a minimum of stress and while maintaining the band as a 'fun-activity' is axiomatic.
  • Band members pledge to practice the band's music at home and prepare for band practices with the goal of improving.
  • Band members pledge to do their best to be available and on time for band performances and practices.
  • Band members are requested to dress neatly and act in a respectful manner at all times.
  • Balmoral Band members do not 'raid' or entice pipers or drummers from other bagpipe bands to leave their band.
  • Pipers or drummers who wish to become a member of the Balmoral Pipes & Drums Band must be approved by the Instructors before attending band practice.
  • Band members will assist other band members whenever appropriate.
  • Money earned by the band for performances shall be used to develop the band and pay expenses for equipment, travel costs, etc.
  • No alcohol is permitted at Balmoral Pipes & Drums Band functions. 


Band Members

David Acres, Drum Sergeant
George Balderose, Pipe Major
Stephen Boyle, Drummer
Bud Brizuela, Piper
Lily Cunningham, Piper
Robert Felsburg, Piper
Evan Kenepp, Piper
Ken Kretchun, Piper
William LaSota, Piper
Lacey Mahler, Pipe Sergeant
Tom Martin, Piper
Alan McIvor, Piper
Kyle Pattison, Bass Drummer
Paul-Luc Parks, Piper
David Prezzai, Piper
Rebecca Seaman, Piper
Jackie Sharp, Bass Drummer
Jackie Uranic, Drummer
Glenna Van Dyke, Piper
Derek Waddington, Piper
Chris Welch, Drummer
Zeke Welch, Drummer

Girl Bagpiper with Balmoral Pipes and Drums.