Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas in concert at the Balmoral Classic

As part of our 2017 Balmoral Classic Weekend,
the Balmoral School presented
Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas

After the Classic Competition: Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017, 8:00pm
Central Catholic High School's McGonigle Theater
Pittsburgh (Oakland), PA

" … you would think they'd been playing together for centuries. While his fiddle dances, her cello throbs darkly or plucks puckishly. Then [Haas] opens her cello's throat, joining Fraser in soaring sustains, windswept refrains, and sudden, jazzy explosions. Their sound is as urbane as a Manhattan midnight, and as wild as a Clackmannan winter."

— Boston Globe

"As many gigs as they must have played together over the past decade or so, there remains a striking spontaneity about Fraser and Haas's music-making. He has tonal variation and attack to spare, but what makes them so consistently absorbing is the responsiveness each shows to the other. Haas is more than a cellist: she's the rhythm section who uses the percussive chip'n'chop of her bowing and the double bass-like pulse of her pizzicato playing to great effect. The accompanist's role moves so fluently between them, building tension all the while, and then they'll slip into unison and it's like floodgates opening. "

— The Herald

"Fraser, one of the most respected of all exponents of the Scots fiddle, would look long and hard to find a more appropriate cellist as a partner...A positive joy."

— The Scotsman


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The Toronto Police Pipe Band in 2016's Classic Concert

The Toronto Police Pipe Band made last year's 2016 Classic Concert an evening to remember! The TPPB is a grade one pipe band based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band performs at parades, festivals, ceremonies and funerals, and participates internationally in piping competitions. 

As ambassadors of both the Toronto Police Service and the City of Toronto, the band is dedicated to playing good music well and to help bring the ancient sounds of the pipes and drums to citizens of Toronto – and the world. 

Balmoral thanks the TPPB for sharing their wonderful music with us!